My face


I like to eat noodles. I also like to make games with friends.


TIGER ROLL is the first of many more to come within its universe. This first release is an endless arcade twitch game where you guide Rollie the Tiger through the river, dodging any gators you see. As you travel farther, you come across more dangerous types of gators.

Team Smartypants

Put your brain to the test with Team Smartypants! Unlock multiplayer + stats to play with friends (up to 4) and to see your strongest & weakest points in 5 categories: Calculation, Memory, Reaction, Visual, and Teamwork.

Memory Dojo

Test your memory and reflexes by helping Ninja learn new moves from Sensei!

My other face

Random Facts

  • Lives in Los Angeles, CA
  • Grew up in Rockville, MD
  • Graduated from UCLA, Computer Science & Engineering major
  • Currently working at Scopely. More work experience at my LinkedIn
  • Started Chin and Cheeks with girlfriend. We travel and make games with friends. Travel pictures here
  • Primarily creates games with SpriteKit and Swift. Will learn Unity someday
  • Participates at r/gamedev sometimes
  • Has an Icelandic Sheepdog named Loki
  • Favorite singers include Rachelle Ferrell and Maxwell. Favorite DJ is Kaskade. Favorite rapper is Black Thought
  • Favorite games include Final Fantasy VI, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, Smash: Melee, and Braid
  • Favorite food is ramen. Favorite restaurant is Din Tai Fung
  • Has a noodle blog
  • Owns a Squatty Potty
  • Hair is not naturally curly